Unique Features of the college (Institutional Distinctiveness)

Government college Kodanchery is blessed with many peculiarities that distinguish the college from other institutions.  Following are the main attractions of the college

  • Presence of a well maintained Bio-diversity Reserve
The college maintains a Bio diversity reserve of 3.5 acres which has a highly conspicuous variety of flora and fauna . Located in an ecologically fragile area the institution gives utmost priority to educate the public and the stakeholders on an Eco friendly existence in close communion with nature. A research supervisor of the Department of Zoology ,who has specialised in the studies of bees ,is supervising two of his scholars who are have undertaken studies of Bees collected from the Biodiversity reserve. Likewise the Department of Botany has strived to label all the plant population . Every year students from the neighbourhood schools are given an opportunity to visit the reserve observing the forest culture. Nature camps conducted annually inspire research scholars and students to acquaint themselves with the wild life . Many projects submitted by the students are on butterflies, grasshoppers, centipedes, frogs etc .The provision for bird watch also enthuses students and kindles the research aptitude in Ornithology.
Other attractions of the college are the following
  • Green and clean campus
  • Student friendly campus
  • Healthy relationship between teachers and students.
  • Presence of Student Rapid Response Force
  • A college clinic in the name of ‘Sanjeevani’
  • Peaceful environment etc