College Development Council

The College Development Council (CDC) is an apex body of the college that plans and executes the integrated developmental activities of the institution. The CDC meet periodically to ensure that the budget allocated for Development is utilized properly. Even thoughthe major maintenance and repair works of the college are carried out through the Public Works Department of the Government of Kerala, minor and most urgent repair works are done using CDC funds.

Committee Members
(i) District Collector – Chairman
(ii) Principal of the College- Secretary and Treasurer
(iii) One teacher nominated by the College Council
(iv)The Vice-President of the P.T.A.
(v) The President of the Alumni Association
(vi)The Chairman of the College Union
(vii) The Executive Engineer (Buildings)
(viii) Four persons to be nominated by the Director of Collegiate Education from among eminent public men of arts/letters (preferably former teachers, old students or parents of students of the colleges)