ICT Enabled Teaching and Learning

Government College Kodanchery was quick to adopt new technologies and has provided all facilities to ensure that the Information technology is utilised effectively in the teaching learning process.  In order to ensure the efficient use of ICT, the following measures are taken

  1. The college and IQAC always encourage the teachers to use ICT in the teaching learning process.  As a result, many teachers of the college attended refresher courses, short term courses, seminars etc.  in e-content development and the same is applied in their teaching learning process.
  2. Separate UPS systems with sufficient back up were installed in all departments, computer labs, library etc., to ensure uninterrupted power supply for using electronic instruments.
  3. A well equipped airconditioned smart classroom is arranged in Edusat room.
  4. The seminar hall of the college is also equipped with a wall mounted LCD projector, public address systems etc., to conduct combined classes, seminars, conferences etc., by using ICT tools.
  5. Sufficient number of portable LCD projectors were provided to all departments.
  6. Hybrid education (Combination of traditional and electronic) is followed in the teaching learning process
  7. Google classrooms were created for each class/course to supply educational materials such as notes, videos, assignments etc.
  8. Some of the teachers have published many educational videos in video platforms such as Youtube and the same is not only utilised by the students of the college but also the students of other colleges.
  9. All communications to the students were sent through the mobile governance system established in the college since 2013.
  10.  Google Meet is used to conduct online classes for the students.
  11. Internet connectivity is ensured in all departments, computer labs etc. Separate internet connections provided to all the teacher through  a wired network.  Portable WiFi adapters are also used to provide connectivity in classrooms.
  12. A teacher convenor is appointed every year to co-ordinate the  e-governance and m-governance activities of the college and to provide necessary guidelines to the teachers for the effective utilisation of ICT.
  13. Number of seminars and workshops on the theme of ICT and its application were conducted by various departments of the college over the last 5 years.
  14. College library is equipped with internet to access e-resources and the same is utilised by the teachers in the teaching learning process.
  15. The college has a well maintained computer lab and proper training is given to the students.  It is also utilised for ASAP computer training, project work etc.
  16. Computer based data analysis is made compulsory for UG and PG projects and sufficient training is given to the students in data analysis every year.
  17. Apart from the traditional classroom interactions, the students are encouraged to make a proper use of internet in the acquisition of knowledge by giving assignments on current topics.
  18. The teachers  provide E-Content, links of academic resources and recommend the important  video lectures of experts which is available on YouTube and other recognised video platforms.
  19. Online tests were conducted by many teachers regularly to assess the achievement of the students.